Human Behaviors in Fires Essay

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This study examines the human behavior during an evacuation from a building fire and how each reaction affects the ability for the occupant to evacuate the building safely. Many deaths have occurred when people are unable to escape from a burning building, due to the improper building design, fire detection and suppression systems, and visibility of exit doors and signs. According to Fire enthusiast, the major contributing factors that leads to a tragic evacuation is lack of sufficient exits for the population, lack of direction for egress, lack of fire walls, fire doors and smoke doors and not having an evacuation plan. This should be a topic of concern, because many people die each year in house fires or industrial fires due to the …show more content…
Think about the challenges when evacuating when there is a smoked filled room, when it comes trying to evacuate and your eyes are blurred by the smoke it can be an obstacle to try and find an evacuation stairway or door especially when you are low to the ground to keep from breathing in the hot fumes. There are several tools used to help occupants evacuate the premise of a building when a fire occurs. For example typically an evacuation model includes hand calculations and computational tools designed by engineers and are used to calculate the time it takes to evacuate a building, which can then be used in an engineering safety analysis. However, there is a lack of available data and theory on occupant behavior to be used by evacuation models in order to estimate evacuation time results (Kuligowski).

Evacuation Models Evacuation models are part of a performance based analysis and is essential to put the models to good use because the, calculations help to identify how long occupants take before beginning evacuation, determining when an occupant moves to an area of safety or how long will it take them to get there all depends on the response of the individual when they first hear the fire alarm. With a frequent assumption of evacuation models is that occupants will start their evacuation at the time of the fire alarm sounding. Even though this assumption is basically wrong,

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