Hubble Space Telescope with Emphasis on Instrumentation and Scientific Discoveries

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However prior to the mission, on June 1990 a few months after the Hubble Space telescope was launched, NASA discovered a problem with space telescope. Scientists found out that the space telescope’s primary mirror of the two on the telescope had a spherical aberration. This spherical aberration meant there was an optical problem involving the light coming in to the telescope. This caused problems for the telescope because the mirrors were the “eyes” of the telescope called the Optical Telescope Assembly. This resulted in the images provided by the Hubble Space telescope to be blurry caused by the angle of the incoming light. NASA responded by installing the COSTAR (Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement) allowing the primary mirror to correct the errors of the lighting. The COSTAR installation was successful and fixed the Hubble Space telescope’s blurry vision by installing five pairs of corrective mirrors.

Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2)

Another important installation on the Hubble Space Telescope was the WFPC2 (Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2). The WFPC2 replaced the older WFPC improving the space telescope performance by “incorporating advanced detectors and a built-in corrective optics system.” The WFPC2 was the main camera of the space telescope providing many famous pictures of space still used today such as the Eagle Nebula and Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414. It was created to record images of
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