Essay on How to Train a Horse

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How to Train a Horse
Training a horse to ride is hard work, it involves ground work, riding, and in both patience is very important. In the next few paragraphs I will be explaining the steps needed to train a horse.
When you first start training a horse you want to start with doing the ground work. When you are doing the ground work such as leading, lunging, brushing, picking up the hooves, putting on the saddle, blanket, and bridal, and putting weight on the saddle, the ground work allows you know the horse and the horse also starts to know you. It is very important to have a good relationship with your horse because you want your horse to respect you and also know who you are. When doing these steps you should do them in order.
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If you have problems with your horse doing this you should use a chain rope. A chain rope is a rope with a twelve inch chain at the beginning of the rope. You put the chain under the chin of the horse, when the horse tries to push you around or pull you around you give them a slight jerk with the rope. Eventually the horse will learn not to push or pull you around. As soon as your horse has learned to lead you should teach them to lunge. Lunging your horse is just making them walk, trot, or gallop in a circle. When teaching your horse to lunge you can use a whip to hit the back of their legs, the whip will make the horse go faster.
The third thing you should do is practice picking up the hooves. Picking up the hooves is a good thing to do because the horse will be used to people touching their legs. Therefore if someone were to touch your horse?s legs your horse wouldn?t be frightened and want to kick out their leg. When your horse needs his or her hooves trimmed, or needs shoes put on this makes it nice for the Ferrier (person who trims and shoes horses? hooves).
The fourth thing you should do is put on the blanket, saddle, and bridal. Before you put the blanket on, you should let your horse smell the blanket and see the blanket because otherwise they might be frightened. You should do the same thing when you put on the saddle. Once you have the saddle on you should tighten the singe slow. The singe is the strap that goes around

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