How to Thrive as a Diplomat: The United States Relations with Saudi Arabia

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Research Question Is the exchange of US weapon-based AID to Saudi Arabia valuable to both countries?
Introduction to relations between the US and KSA The United States and Saudi Arabia have engaged in relations since 1933 despite the countries having completely different views in the government rulings. The United States are a democracy and believe in separation of the church and state awhile the Kingdom is an absolute Islamic ruled monarch. Relations between the two countries began when a group of American explorers in Saudi Arabia discovered oil. When the Americans’ discovered the oil they provided funding and co-founded ARAMCO (Arab American Company). The Americans’ were in this company and had much involvement until 1950 when King
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Relations were fine until the death of King Abdul-Aziz. King Saud rose to power and he replaced the American presence in the Kingdom with Egyptian military. Saud then became somewhat fond of the Americans and wanted their presence back in the Middle East. With the Soviet Union moving in on Iran to gain power in that area the Americans’ provided military aid to the Saudis’ and the Iranians’ to “police” the region and be able to protect themselves without actual American troops in the area (Gause). What was valuable to both? The United States and Saudi Arabia were very fragile considering the two were almost equals. The United States was in desperate need of oil and the Saudis were their cheapest option. With the Saudis great supply of oil and lack of military man-powers the Saudis took the Americans offer of protecting its oil fields, borders, and the ability to ship oil from the Iranians, Iraqis, and the Soviets (“United States”). For years this equation was simple, we provide you with security and you provide us with oil.
Background of Sales
The United States is Saudi Arabia’s leading arms consumer; from 1950 to 2006 Saudi Arabia has bought or was granted weapons, military equipment and services worth $79.8 billion dollars (Blanchard). Almost one fifth or 19% of all United States arm sales were sold to Saudi Arabia during this period. With all of these weapons being sold to Saudi Arabia you can realize how important and

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