Essay on How to Keep Safe in Nairobi

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Table of contents


Pre-departure safety tips

Be health aware

Property safety

Clothing to carry

Have some local knowledge

Hotel bookings

Plan to stay in touch

Travel documents and money


Property safety at the Airport

Identifying a genuine airport staff

Pick up arrangements


Identifying a safe hotel

General hotel safety tips

Traveling in Nairobi


Safety measures to observe when walking

Tips on finding directions

General guidelines to observe when walking
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Carry this manual with you on your entire trip and make sure you refer to it when caught up in a nasty situation. Otherwise relax and enjoy your trip.


*Uhuru highway

Pre- Departure Safety Tips


 Be health aware

 Property safety

 Hotel booking

 Plan to stay in touch

 Travel documents and money

Pre- Departure Safety Tips

Having decided to take a tour to Nairobi, it's important to prepare adequately before you embark on your trip. Before you depart from home please be sure you have the following areas in order as this will ensure your personal safety as well as that of your belongings.

Be health aware

To avoid falling ill or having problems with immigration follow these tip:

<li> If you are on medication bring a letter from your doctor describing the reasons for the pills and needles, especially if the pills are narcotic. At the immigration your medication may be considered an illegal drug and the penalty for the possession of illegal drugs in Kenya is severe.
<li> If you plan on having sex with new acquaintances remember to stock up condoms before you go and don't take risks with unprotected sex. However condoms

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