Essay on How to Become a Zoologist

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The process of becoming a zoologist requires great self-determination, persistence, patience, and discipline; the role of zoologists has taken on increased levels of importance recently because of the need to teach respect for the environment and also the animals of the world.
It is important to have zoologists around, not only for animals but for humans also. Humans need to have the knowledge about animals to comprehend what goes on in the environmental issues that happens around them everyday.
As one develops knowledge of this career it is essential to have an understanding for what it is regarding. Zoology is a branch of biology that concerns the study of animal life (Zoology). Animals, in this frame of reference, are any living
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A zoologist usually obtains a Bachelor’s degree that consists of four years of full-time study. Through college one will take courses that create a key foundation such as anatomy and physiology. With enrollment of these courses one will specialize in functions of each animal system. Courses in physics, chemistry, and botany are necessary to have a well-rounded scientific background (Summary). One may also need extra courses in animal behavior and ecology to complete a zoology degree. Just as courses are required to achieve a zoology degree some skills are needed to advance in theses courses (Kramer). Communication skills are needed to be able to listen and understand others while also having the ability to express one self’s thoughts and opinions. Critical thinking skills are needed to solve difficult problems during which one has to multitask various tasks. Observation skills are important to scrutinize data, pay attention to information, and ask questions when needed. Without these skills one cannot gain an understanding in the mandatory courses for a zoology degree (Summary). One that exceeds into a graduate level degree receives more knowledge in research and animal management. Although many universities and colleges offer degrees in zoology one should conscientiously choose the courses for which one applies (Kramer).
Zoologists often work in conjunction with zookeepers, veterinarians, marine biologists, and wildlife biologists to properly manage

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