Essay about How the USA Lost the Vietnam War

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Since the civil war in the United States there have been many events that could be described as having the biggest impact on our national identity. There are countless ways that the American people have evolved since then. To me, there is no stronger test of a country’s unity and ability to succeed under pressure than war. The United States has weathered many wars and has gone back to help save the countries they defeated. World War 1 established the US as a formidable opponent and a world power. World War 2 confirmed the superiority of the United States military and the unstoppable patriotism of its people. The Cold War showed that the government could negotiate peacefully instead of directly waging yet another conflict. The main problem …show more content…
Vietnam was just a small Asian nation with nothing particularly special about it, except a communist party led it. Taking advantage of a treaty signed by France and Vietnam following the French’s forced exit from the country, the US helped create the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (GVN) to oppose the North Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese were known as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV). After being elected president of GVN, Ngo Dinh Diem, immediately claimed that the DRV planned to take over South Vietnam by force. Enlisting the aid of the American military he began arresting suspected communists. This led to the military coup of 1963, which overthrew Diem. Actually, him and his brother were killed kind of like in most hostile takeovers. This was on November 1, 1963; three weeks before Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas. Once again the US, albeit by its own decisions, is dragged into a war due to enemy attack. On August 2, 1964 the DRV executed a strike on the U.S.S Maddox, A United States Navy destroyer cruising international waters near North Vietnam’s coast. Now, it is truly a war.
“We are at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars, and it has been said if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who

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