How Target Marketing is Performed Essay

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Changes in marketing concepts and practices due to the marketing activities that have become more diverse involving several functional areas and several external factors, for example, globalization, technology, fierce competition and complexity in customer demand (Gok & Hacioglu, 2009). As a result of the increasing in diversity of marketing activities had made marketing, which is the process of communicating the values between products or services products and consumer, to be difficult. In order to overcome the constraints caused by diversity, target marketing, which is the target aimed by a respective organization that is believed to be its prospective market with marketing messages, is getting important. Target marketing can be …show more content…
Market segmentation that is associated with sets of stable preferences will produce better outcomes in influencing the choices of consumers and target marketing (Underhill, 2009). Thus, during this stage the marketers are required to come out with several research methodologies, such as surveys, interviews and observations that are related to the market segmentation. With the mentioned methodologies, marketers are expected to analyze and study the raw data, especially data focuses on demographic information, is collected. The information collected is precisely analyzed to understand the target audience with the help of several market analysis software, for example Stem-PLS and SPSS. With the aid of methodologies and market analyzer software, market segmentation is estimated to be determined precisely for the use of performing target marketing. The second step in performing target marketing is to select one or more market segments are determined from the market segmentation process. Research by (Pitta, 1998) suggests that mass customization is to be determined under several steps for target marketing. The customization of product offering, which is a process

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