How Race Affects the Role a Character Plays and Reality Essay

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Usually as a viewer, you watch certain movies for the purpose of getting entertained. While, generally a person looks for movies because of the superficial amusement that it brings them; they never really tend to think deeply into the content of the movie. However, from reading Signs of Life, included in the essay are two examples of literary pieces. These pieces will allow the reader to reflect upon everything they more than likely disregard when it comes to watching movies. The two literary pieces consists of The Offensive Movie Cliché That Won’t Die by Matt Zoller Seitz and Race Relations Light Years from Earth by Mitu Sengupta. The Offensive Movie Cliché That Won’t Die piece focuses on the critique of the “Magical Negro”, which is seen …show more content…
The authors’ purposes for both essays were to inform the reader on the relationship between race and common movie roles. As mention earlier, The Offensive Movie Cliché That Won’t Die brings to attention that the primary function of African Americans’ roles in most movies tend to be seen as supporting character that brings the white protagonist to glory. The supporting details are included from examples of movies such as “Will Smith in The Legend of Bagger Vance, Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix….” (408). Visual details include the picture with a scene from the movie The Green Mile (409). The condemnations of these roles are that while movies producers insist that the African American roles are just are important as the white lead, the author disagrees. According to Seitz, “the relationship is that of master and servant. And not a real servant, either: one that really, truly lives to serve, has no life to speak of beyond his service to Da Man, and never seems to trouble himself with doubts about the cause to which he’s devoting his time and energy.” (408-409). Many people may viewed that this role is good because it gives African Americans chances to be included in movies while being seen as important and noble to all. It still is a form of racism, because of the marginalizing effect it creates. It marginalizes many African Americans to settle for being the side-kick, while the white people and their society thrive

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