How Psychoanalysis Changed Society with Consumerism and Public Relations

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Psychoanalysis and Edward Bernays theories that were derived by Sigmund Freud, changed society

Through psychoanalysis and Edward Bernays public Relations, our modern society is a product of both theories.

Back in the beginning of the 20th century there was no such thing as an American consumer. Before psychoanalysis and Edward Bernays applying Freud’s theories with propaganda all that exist was the American owner and the American worker. A creditable source states that “The rise of consumerism in the United States is also linked to the birth of Public Relations. At the time of 1915 the so-called father of modern Public Relations.” (Craig Willis) Sigmund Freud had devised a method he called
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Bernays was employed by President Woodrow Wilson to promote Americans war arms in the press. When Edward Bernays returned to the United States from WW1 he decided that the word propaganda had bad connotations — especially since the war, when people realized that propaganda was used to present selected information or promote a dogma and that it was basically misleading, dishonest and exploitative. “If you could use propaganda for war you can certainly use it for peace. Propaganda started to become a bad word because of the chairman’s using it, so what Bernays did was find another word for propaganda and it was Counsel of Public Relations.” (Interview Edward Bernays) In conclusion Psychoanalysis (PA) + Propaganda (P) = Public Relations (PR). Political (P) mixed with Business (B), Crowd Control (CC) to Consumerism (CSM).

Public Relations and Psycho Analysis concepts Influence the Market. George Hill the President of American Tobacco Corporation asked to find a way of breaking the taboo of woman smoking. Bernay asked Mr. Hill for permission and turn to psychoanalysis to find out what cigarettes meant to woman and Mr. Hill granted Bernays permission to do so. Bernay call a psychoanalysis and found that cigarettes were the symbol of the penis and male sexual power, the psychoanalysis told Bernays that if he can find a way to connect cigarettes

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