How Princes Should Honor their Word: "The Prince” by Niccolo` Machiavelli

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In this book “The Prince” written by Niccolo` Machiavelli attempts to persuade the readers how princes should act in order to keep their thrones, or how to capture a throne and uphold it. He also illustrates to us how by not following this system can lead to death or becoming overthrown. I was amazed at how well his compositional skills were and in my attempt to show you how skillful of a writer and persuader he is we will look at chapter XVIII. By introducing the chapter with politics, coming up with clear and logical main points, and laying out all possibilities and consequences of those points I believed that this chapter made a very impressive persuasive argument. From the beginning of chapter XVIII “How princes should honor their …show more content…
After Machiavelli explains what a trustworthy price is, he sets it up for the readers to understand how you should become them through fighting by the law or by force. He explains for us to understand that by fighting by law is natural for man, but fighting by force is the beast of the man. He is persuading you understand how important it is for the prince to have both. Just being the man alone sometimes comes up short so you have to bring out your beast as well. You must know how to use both incase the other one might not work. He gives us facts about how other princes of the world were brought up like this and lets the readers know that you cannot survive otherwise. So, Machiavelli is stressing how important it is for you to have the beast and the man in order to fight by law or force, and to be capable of keeping your word.
After persuading you how important it is for you to fight by law and by beast, he proceeds to tell the readers that the beast is something forced and that the law is something natural to men. With forced fighting you have to be taught and with law fighting it is already imbedded in you. You have to be two animals to become the beast the lion and the fox. He also makes sure the reader knows that to be a beast you have to be both, just being a lion you will not be able to recognize traps and you will be blinded by dishonesty. You may give your word not knowing that it places

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