How Organizational Bureaucratization affects Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance has been a widely studied topic within Organizational Communication. Many researches focus on how to achieve balance; this study is going to look at how higher or lower levels of organizational bureaucratization affects work-life balance and job satisfaction within theatre organizations. The balance between work and life has become a problem for employees to handle due to many factors like technology, and work overload that has created a blend of work and life. This topic is important to the field because research has shown that when work and life is not significantly balanced, it could cause work-family conflict, stress, and job dissatisfaction. These all can lead to an employee reducing production, and creating higher …show more content…
7). Essentially work-life balance looks at the problems that overtime of work causes for an individual’s personal life, and how a personal life might affect their work life. There are many factors like perceptions of work-life balance, work family conflict, organizational climate, and age can affect the balance between one’s personal life, and one’s work life and much research has been done to examine the fine line that separates each. One point to look at is the ideology of work-life balance from an employee stance and from an organization stance. Cowan and Hoffman (2007) looked at how employees define the terms “work”, “life”, and “balance”, to look at how they understand the concept and how it affects their work-life balance. What they found was that participants defined work-life balance as “flexibility on the part of the organization” (Cowan & Hoffman, 2007, p. 40). The majority of the definitions included the idea of flexibility whether it was time, space (as in working from home), evaluation of worker, and compensation. Hoffman and Cowan (2008) continued their line of work on the corporate ideology of work-life balance. Hoffman and Cowan came to the conclusion that the way that an organization constructs work-life balance actually increases the control they have over individuals lives. Organizations place an emphasis on the fact that work is the most important. They also

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