How McEwan Hooks The Reader Essay

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How McEwan Hooks The Reader

"Beginnings matter. They always have. Middle's have no limits- they can scrunch up or they can sprawl. Endings may be left open, ambiguous, and incomplete. Never has a novel not begun. And if it doesn't begin right, the suspicion is that the rest of it won't be right either".

"In an age of multiple choice and short attention spans, beginnings are more crucial than ever. To prevent readers drifting off, an author has to hook them quickly".

A prime example of a great beginning is the first chapter of 'Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. Many regard this as the best introduction written for a modern novel. "Enduring Love" opens with a chapter so masterfully written,
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This attracts the reader because the speed is not the same and the change keeps the reader from losing interest. Short sentences are used for tension whilst longer sentences are used for description. When integrated together these create a great piece of suspense, enabling the reader to feel part of the action, and even feel the same emotion as the narrator. The main reason why the readers are hooked is due to the action taking place almost immediately. The ballooning incident is the main event in the book and it occurs in the first chapter. The great imagery, and the detailed description enable the danger, drama, anxiety and the action of this incident to become clear, thus creating a great start to the novel. McEwan uses a lot of emotive language to make us feel the emotions of the narrator; this is a key feature in making the reader feel part of the action. He plays on the idea of the unknown, where it says, " I was running towards it" he does not describe what he sees, but leaves the reader in suspense anxious to read on to discover what he is running towards. He continues to describe the incident. However he does not just use the narrators view point, but also a birds eye view - in this case from the eyes of a buzzard. This enables the reader to become fully aware of the situation, creating a fuller picture thus placing the

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