How I lost My Hand´s Mobility Essay

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Being a 12-year-old boy and bored are the two ingredients that made the recipe for disaster this particular day. It would be a day I would remember for the rest of my life. I now know that I should be aware of all of my actions and the consequences that follow…
It was about 6:00 at nightin the afternoon when my best friend, Chase, and I decided to go play a little soccer at the John Tyler Soccer Fields. Let me tell you a little something about my partner-in-crime, Chase. Chase was a devious 12 –year-old just like me. We got into all sorts of mischief like fishing all the fish out of neighbors’ ponds, stealing packs of gum from the local gas station, ‘ding-dong’ ditching neighbors’ houses—this is just to name a few things. On July 24,
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When Chase and I looked up, we identified a familiar face of ‘trouble’, and we knew we had to haul ass IMMEDIATELY!
The ‘trouble’ just so happened to be the school security guard, Marvin, who was known for being a real jerk. He was the scumbag who had gotten us in trouble for fishing in his pond. To be quite honest, we had thought Marvin was awesome considering he was the only one in the neighborhood that had his own pond. But after he had told our parents about what we had done to his pond, our parents gave us the whipping of a lifetime! Needless to say we didn’t think the same of Marvin after that. So ultimately Chase and I knew that if he caught us, we would be in some serious trouble with our parents.
So as Marvin continued to approach us, we panicked, immediately began to run and try to hop back over the fence. We were almost successful, but aAs I attempted to climb over the fence, my foot slipped! Simultaneously, while I tried to hop over the top of the fence and my hand gothad gotten caught on athe sharp tip of the metal fence. Before I could get a better look at what happened, a jolt of pain then struck through my body, and I realizedas I was dangling there and Chase started yelling to me that my hand was pierced through by the tip of the fence had pierced my hand!. It seems that the consequences of my actions had finally caught up to me.
Between the pain and the adrenaline that was pumping through my body, I was left in shock, and it

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