How I Have Incorporated Technology into My Classroom in Order to Positively Impact My Students

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I have worked in rural schools that are mostly homogeneous. These schools have limited variances in cultural differences. The students align themselves with one culture and feel connected with each other. Students in villages can become unaware of other cultures of the world. This has made technology an important way to communicate cultural differences of the world to students in the classroom. I have used technology to connect my students with other students in order for them to learn about new places and people. Those these collaboration we have also shared our use of the native language of the village. In some cases as where we have communicated with other native villages with close language ties to our own, we have seen the small …show more content…
All I had to was monitor students while they were using technology in the classroom. When I did projects with students I made sure their messages to other classes were appropriate. I would lead lessons with students on appropriate speak (type) when it came to communicating with others. Problems arise when students are given off task time. I alleviated this problem, by not giving students off task time when it came to computers. They always had a task to preform. If a student was on their email I would quickly get them back on task. I had to at time specifically state before a lesson the behavioral expectations. As a teacher in the BSSD, I paid close attention to the district had permission to publish form. This allowed me to publish student work on our own classroom website and to do distance collaboration with other classes. I no longer work for the BSSD and the current district does not have a policy in place or at least a permission form. I am in the process of developing a policy, so that we can publish student work. This will allow use to communicate more with other schools and share our work on the Internet with parents. We would also like to be able to present what we are doing in school on the Internet. I have always been aware of copyright laws. Through studying copyright laws and then having students do more work with research and audio/video projects I have become more aware of copyright laws. I fist started

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