How Great Societies Fall Essay

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Have you ever wondered why you hear of ancient Rome and Greece, but they’re no longer there today? This is because those societies fell, or their government collapsed beyond hope of repair. Civilizations fall for many reasons, and often for a lot of different reasons at once. Some elements led to falls more than others. The cardinal causes of the collapse of great societies are political corruption, failing economy, and foreign invasion.

The first main way societies fell was from political corruption. A good example of a misguided government was in the French Revolution. While Marie Antoinette was frolicking in a field of perfumed sheep pretending to be a shepherdess and Louis XVI was getting involved in far off wars, their people were
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“Hitler and the Nazis said the Jews were responsible for huge events like losing World War One and the economic crisis. This was totally untrue” (Why did Hitler hate Jews? 1). This proves that Hitler incorrectly blamed the Jews for something they had nothing to do with. As for the persecuting, he, “. . . stripped [the Jews] of their rights and property, denied work (except forced labour for the Germans), and crammed into the worst slum districts” (Cesarani 1). This states that Hitler harassed and hated the Jews, and made their lives miserable for no valid reason. These and many other societies fell partly due to political corruption and military greed.

A second cause of societal decline is failing economy and unemployment. A civilization that weakened and fell to the issue of their deteriorating economy was Ancient Greece. In Greece, there were two main classes: the rich and the poor. The wealthy lived lives of ease, and many were relied upon by the government to sponsor holidays or games. The poor could barely keep themselves alive. Nearer to the fall of Greece, “The ordinary people were having difficulty coming up with the money for their own survival, without relying on the uber-wealthy that would come and help them out” (The Fall of Ancient Greece 1). This quote tells that the average Greeks were having trouble gaining enough money to survive, and had to depend on the few prosperous

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