How does Mrs. Doubtfire change peoples lives? Essay

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How does Mrs. Doubtfire change peoples lives?

In this essay, we will be analysing the influence that Mrs Doubtfire's personality has on the characters around her. Moreover, we will be able to see how her presence causes a transformation in the behaviour of each member of the family, following their encounters with her.

The film which is represented to us as a comedy, actually reveals itself to be of a more serious nature. The film is set in modern San
Francisco and shows the break-down of a marriage between Miranda, a career woman and Daniel, a man with Peter Pan type traits. The three kids are pulled emotionally between the two parents, who are continually fighting. The novelty of the film is the "Nanny", Mrs
Doubtfire, who
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Daniel argues in front of his kids, without possibly thinking how this might upset them.

When Daniel becomes Mrs Doubtfire he slowly sees himself with his children's eyes. This is a painful learning curve, as he sees the qualities his children love in Mrs Doubtfire and that he does not possess: reliability, tidiness in the house and someone to cook!. At the beginning of the film Daniel doesn't even encourage them to do their homework, let alone help them with the necessary household chores. Although Daniel may feel that he is helping his children he doesn't realise the obvious. The children don't know that they are being cared for by the father and as he grows closer to them, they only grow closer to the character of Mrs Doubtfire. Mrs Doubtfire positively changes Daniel into a flawless housekeeper.

At the end of the film Daniel has learned through the persona of Mrs.
Doubtfire to take responsibility. There is order in his life and capacity for meeting reality. The children will continue to share his life and the separation has become civilised. However, although he has to the outside world become a better person, we feel that his new found sense of maturity will leave a lasting sense of sadness inside him. Miranda Hillard, the wife! We are introduced to her as the efficient career woman. Obsessed with order, discipline, time and trying to

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