How Does Animal Neglect Affect the Community? Essay

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How does animal neglect affect the community?
Everyone has heard those commercials about animal abuse and how animals need homes, yet you don’t see very many of them. Let alone hear very many people that are actually inspired enough to go out and help. Animal neglect has a rapid spreading rate once it is accepted by even a few and results in increased amounts of violence and other aggressive behavior towards the animals themselves and people.
Animals are constantly being neglected because people do not believe they could ever be equals and that they have to assert their dominance by physical or mentally abusing that animal. They are being poisoned, drugged, malnourished, burned, mutilated and all kinds of all abuse techniques that
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This organization was founded about twenty five to thirty years ago with a purpose of stopping shelters killing animals and just putting them in piles in a local dumpster. They fought for many years trying to raise enough money to build a center and finally they reached their goal and built the center in the middle of Fremont. They believed that shelters needed to stop being placed in spots that people would never see them, but instead be out were people with come and adopt the animals they were taking care of. Their organization has grown since and now has an array of different provided services for all animals and strives to inspire the public to treat animals with respect.
The service I performed with The Ohlone Humane Society and Paws was where I was able to contribute my time and body to help them to prepare for surgeries involving neglected animals and other services. I participated in shifting animals such as cats and dogs to alternate kennels in order to give them more space and to provide more space for incoming animals.
During this I was able to observe animals that were suffering from all kinds of different disabilities due to neglect such as missing limbs, so scrawny you could see the bones and a few with either a missing eye or blind in both of them. I asked what he/she thought had happened to these animals and the response was that these animals were almost all street rescues because people didn’t want them anymore or were born and raised on the

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