How can the company FX-Solutions Financial Services Ltd improve internal communication?

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Internal communication is essential for creating a culture of transparency between management and employees, as well as among all employees. Quirke (2008) noted that the role of internal communication is to “illuminate the connections between different pieces of information” (p. xv), and its job is “to provide employees with the information they need to do their job” (p. xv). It includes both official communications, such as guidelines, policies, memos, etc. - and unofficial communication. There are three interdependent areas in the company FX-Solutions Financial Services Ltd where problems occur and must be addressed in order to improve the internal communication:
• Company’s culture and environment.
• Clear definition of what needs to
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Undoubtedly, to achieve this great effort must be made by senior management and line managers, who need to practice how to effectively speak, actively listen and react on various questions, complaints, issues, etc. The line managers must improve their role as communicators. Just as Gillis (2011) pointed out, not all of the supervisors or managers may have good communication skills, “particularly those who have been promoted for their technical expertise rather than their interpersonal and leadership skills.” This certainly applies in the company, an attention need to be brought to appropriate training of those managers. Further, I need to spot out that it is necessary for the managers to treat each individual similarly, regardless of how they feel about them personally, and of course they need to be culturally sensitive; sensitive towards beliefs and needs of others.
Secondly, it is important to clearly define what information need to be or can be communicated and by whom. The company workforce must be certainly informed about company’s strategic plan, which includes the goals, vision and objectives, in order for them to help the company to move towards the right directions. However, there is information that cannot be shared with everyone; and each manager must get and establish rules and guidelines for his/her staff members to

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