How Boy's Emotional, Physical, and Mental Developmental Changes Affect them in School

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In elementary school things that seem easier for some prove to be far more difficult for others. Also, factoring that kids are developing emotionally, physically, and mentally every day. Research has shown that boys tend to learn at a slower speed at academics than girls. Perhaps you have seen the mismatch in your own homes and schools: boys struggling to learn in the ways provided for them, teachers and families becoming frustrated, boys being labeled “difficult” or “failures” and becoming remorse with self-doubt (Gurian & Stevens 2006). The purpose of this paper is to give insight on how boy’s emotional, physical, and mental developmental changes affect them in school.
Emotional Development
Emotional development is defined as the
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The various stereotypical clichés society’s labels also we tell these boys can also affect their emotional development. Too often we say phrases that can tear down these boys self-esteem. Also consider common sayings we all have heard or even uttered without really understanding their possible impact on a male child: don’t throw like a girl, don’t walk like a girl; be strong; don’t cry; don’t be a sissy (Connell & Gunzelmann 2006). Unconsciously we tell these different phrases to these boys not taking into account how they may actually affect these boys emotionally.
Consequently, when it comes to how we expect boys to act and behave in school the emotional development plays a substantial role. On the one hand, we are less tolerant of boys: we expect them to be strong and keep their concerns to themselves - not to whine or be crybabies (Connell & Gunzelmann). Yet, on the other hand, we expect boys to act the way girls do in school: to sit still, color inside the lines, and learn in the same sequence and manner as girls (Connell & Gunzelmann). This double standard definitely makes its way into the classroom with teachers having certain expectations and students often becoming confused. Students often get confused from adults telling them to act and behave the girls do, but to act tough and macho like men. All of these different emotional developmental examples and changes

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