Essay about How Americans Have Fought War Throughout History

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War is an art form. Everything from the tactics of battle to the uniforms to the weapons to the soldiers, every part has a certain role to play. From the very beginnings of war, there have been those societies that have excelled. Take the Spartans of ancient Rome. Considered by some as the greatest warriors of all time, these human war machines were bred for war. Boys were taken at young ages and taught the art of war until it became part of their soul. Then there were the Mongols. These fierce Central Asian steppe peoples dominated the Asian mainland for nearly a century. Fast forward a few years and the British Empire takes form, and sea warfare is perfected by the British Royal Navy. Now it seems as though America has become …show more content…
This strategy worked well for America, because if she were about to lose a battle, all the soldiers had to do was run away and live to fight another day. This new style of warfare was an important factor in the American victory.

The American Revolution was a divergence from the customary wars previously fought in Europe. Since the sixteenth century, large standing armies had become a vital asset for military power. Maurice of Nassau, a Dutch prince who commanded the armed forces of the Netherlands in the late 1500’s, was the first to create a large standing army (Got Essays). With this new development, also came the increase of reliance upon artillery and infantry. Pikes and muskets were better used by infantry soldiers. These infantry soldiers brought about the fall of the knight from European warfare (Got Essays). This was a major shift in war tactics and strategy from earlier time periods. The American Revolution, however, shifted from these ideals. The soldiers in the American fighting force were farmers or state militiamen. Their counterparts, however, consisted of highly trained professional soldiers. The fact that the Americans were not well trained contributed to a lot of the early losses suffered by the Americans.

The American Revolution also was a divergence from other wars because of the motives of the

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