Hostile Takeover of the New World Essay example

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Hostile Takeover of the New World

The Effects of the United States Government on the Indians "The responsibility of any nation, and the particular responsibility of elected officials of any nation, is not to justify what has passed for legality but to anticipate the conditions and problems of tomorrow and attempt to deal with them. The current confusion and violence in Indian Country are a result of the failure to do so by generations of elected officials in this
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By 1850 gold had been discovered in California, and white settlers were heading West to strike it rich and lay claim to the entire continent. (Utley and Washburn, page 163) New violence erupted as the white man moved into Indian hunting grounds. Ten percent of the Diggers in California met death violently. In 1846, California was home to 100,000 Indians. By 1851, the population had dropped to 30,000. (Utley and Washburn, 164)"That a war of extermination will continue to be waged until the Indian race becomes extinct, must be expected," said California governor in 1851. (Utley and Washburn, 179) Under the ideals of Tom Fitzpatrick, United States Indian Agent, the U.S. government decided it didn't only want to separate the whites and the Indians, but also intended to restrict them to specified areas known as reservations. Nineteenth century removal and reservation policies reduced Indian lands to mere

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