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Coach Norman Dale embodied a number of personal characteristics which enabled him to be the quality leader he was in the movie Hoosiers. His toughness, optimism, motivation, farsightedness, and self confidence assisted Coach Dale in gaining the loyalty of the team and the attention of the town. They also helped him to change the losing ways of the early team into the state champion team they ended up to be. Additionally, a number of environmental factors played a role in his success. The almost religious fervor of basketball in Indiana, the quasi-anarchist environment of the town’s men, and the fact that Hickory was a small town all played vital roles in Coach Dale’s success.

The first personal traits that Coach
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The team finally came to realize that by being more fundamentally sound and smarter they would be able to overcome the size disadvantage they had. Coach Dale’s ability to see this fact and his assertiveness in forcing the players not to shoot in practice or within the four pass rule helped them grow as a team.

Finally, Coach Dale was extremely aware of his talents and abilities as a basketball coach. This level of self confidence made it easier for him to deal with the town’s people who felt that because they knew the players better they also knew basketball better. It also created an atmosphere where he felt comfortable dismissing one player from the team and telling Jimmy that the decision to play was up to him. He knew that his ability to coach the players he had left, the players who wanted to play would be enough to carry them through a successful season.

The almost religious commitment to basketball in Indiana created and environment that was extremely conducive to success for Coach Dale. Early on, the fact that basketball is revered as it is made it easier for him to ensure that a core of players would continue to come out and do what he said and never quit. Because the players are measured by how well they do on the court they will always work harder to ensure that they win and that, more importantly, they play. In addition, although continued losing would have made it more difficult on Coach Dale, the

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