Honor Killing Essay

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Human rights are thought to be the basic rights that each human holds regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or other discriminating factors (Human Rights, retrieved from www.amnestyusa.org). War crimes, segregation, genocide, and crimes against humanity are among the most serious violations of human rights. Honor is seen as a proud name, public esteem, and a showing of respect. Dishonor results in honor killings in many regions around the world, violating human rights. According to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), 5000 women across the world were killed in the name of honor in the year 2000, although the actual number may be higher because of unregistered or falsely reported cases (As cited in Solberg, 2009). Honor Killings …show more content…
Without prosecution of these horrendous crimes, women’s rights are being violated. This leads to questions such as: are women’s rights equal to human rights? What punishments can offenders see in the future? What is being done to prevent honor killings from continuing?
Women’s rights are comparable on the basis of human rights. The violation of women’s rights is a violation of human rights. Honor killings must be viewed as a human rights violation in order to prevent the unnecessary death of women. In what follows, first, clarification of honor killings. Then, an explanation of three countries’ ongoing battle with honor killings. Last, examine the impact of honor killings on human rights.
Honor Killings Honor killing is based on the belief that women are goods or property, not having dignity or rights equal to men. It is a part of a societal mentality that shares traditional ideas of family honor and approve of these killings to preserve that honor. The woman's body is considered to be the family’s commodity and the family will decide what is to be done with it. Honor killings take place in patriarchal societies where women- wives, sisters, daughters and female cousins, are responsible for upholding the family's name. Women are controlled by male relatives and are at the mercy to which they belong.
If a woman or young girl is suspected or accused of engaging in behavior that could disgrace the family

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