Homosexuality: It's Okay to Be Gay Essay

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Homosexuality has always been a concept that separates people. The most well known place with a “gay divide” is in religion. According to conservative Christians, being gay is wrong in the eyes of God. However, those who are more progressive Christians claim that nowhere in the Bible does God directly say that it is not okay to be gay. Also, homosexuality is not just an issue between progressives and conservatives; there is a strong rift between generations of Christians as well as far as dealing with homosexuality goes. As time has passed, society has slowly but surely become more accepting of homosexuality, which causes younger generation Christians to look at being gay differently than older Christians would.

In the Bible there are a
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The attitudes against homosexuals can be compared to the 19th century views on slavery (Hamilton). During the time of the civil war, and later the civil rights movement, people were using the Bible as an argument for justifying slavery and racism in the same way people are using the Bible to justify homophobia. The conservative Christians in the South used stories in the Bible that portrayed slavery as an acceptable part of social order in God’s eyes to show that if God says it is ok then that is the end of the discussion. What was not considered was that during the biblical time that was applicable to society, however that is not the case any more. Yes, in the Bible slavery is a permitted and regulated act but that did not make it acceptable in the 19th century. Similarly, just because homosexual acts were detestable in the biblical era that does not mean that it is acceptable to treat them poorly now. As a society we were able to move on past the issue of slavery, we now need to work on moving past the issue that we have with homosexuals. A simple solution to this problem could be having people understand that the concepts that are portrayed in the Bible need to be updated to more clearly cooperate with the views of modern day society.

Another excerpt from the Bible states, "If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have

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