Essay about Homosexuality and Sports

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In pro sports the thing thats been talked about the most here lately is homosexuality. Homosxuality isn’t just in the pro leagues anymore it has spread to colleges and even in high schools. The people that tend to have an issue with people being gay and playing sports is the older generations. The older generations grew up in a time where homosexuality was seen as wrong. Recent trends suggest that society is becoming more accepting of homosexuality in a variety of settings, especially in sports.
In Edmuson article he talks about how playing sports helps people build their character or damage it, how being gay and playing sports is hard. Another thing Edmuson article talks about is how most athletes are taught that homosexuality is wrong
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Now that Giner is in the WNBA she is free to express her sexuality to everyone. Doing that Giner has opened up a whole new perspective in the womens league of sports. She is a huge inspiration to athletes and women all around the world.
Michael Sam a linebacker for Mizzou has recently came out that he is gay. In this article, just like the article on Brittney Griner, talks about the hard times Michael had when he came out about his sexuality. Unlike Griner Michael was able to come out during college about his sexuality. One of the biggest issues Michael had to face was if the NFL was going to draft a gay player or not and if any agency will take him on just because hes gay. The reason Michael came out about his sexuality before pro day so that way it gives the coaches time to let it sink in that he is gay.
Michael was lucky enough that an agency wanted him to sign with not just because he is gay but because he is an outstanding football player. The agency that signed Michael was Empire Athletes. When Michael had told his whole team that he was gay no one went and told the media about it. Some of them had already known and some were shocked but after it sunk in they all embraced him. Besides the fact that Michael is gay he had lead his team to win the Cotton Bowl and he also lead the SEC in sacks.

Most people can't seem to get past the point that he is gay to see that he is an outstanding

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