Homicide, Firearms, and Robbery Essay

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In Cold Blood/Red Handed The First 48 Hours video that I have chosen is “In Cold Blood” and “Red Handed.” Because I have chosen this video I decided to do my topic on homicide, firearms, and robbery. I will discuss each one of these. I then will tell how it played a role in the video. I then will explain how it all comes together to help solve the crime. So let’s get started. First is homicide. What does homicide mean? Homicide is the killing of a person (human being). Among homicides are murder and manslaughter, but not all homicides are a crime. A non-criminal homicide includes self-defense, a hunting accident or car wreck (can’t be reckless driving). Suicide is a homicide, but in most cases there is no one
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Next I will talk about firearms. According to my school book (Crime Scene Investigation) there are two categories of firearms. These categories are handguns and long guns. Handguns are usually the gun of choice for a crime. These guns usually only take one hand to hold; thus making it the gun of choice for a crime. Pistols and revolvers are handguns. These handguns are easy to conceal due to them being small. Ammunition is pretty easy to get for a hand gun. The most common among long guns are shotguns and rifles. Machine guns and other weapons that take two hands and the use of a person’s shoulder are also classified under long guns. With handguns and long guns an important part are the bullets. There are many types of bullets. (The following is a list of different types of bullets: wade-cutter, semi-wad-cutter, full-metal jacket, semi-jacketed, soft-point, hollow-point, Teflon-coated, and frangible bullets and each has a particular use.) (Jacqueline T. Fish, 2014) Projectile, powder, primer, and cartridge or shell case are the main components for all types of cartridge ammunition. In the First 48 Hours “Red Handed” the detectives found shell casings from the bullets at the door where Mr. Montoya had been shot and also in the subject’s vehicle. Mr. Montoya’s son-in-law saw the vehicle take off and he got in his vehicle and took after the subject’s. The subjects were shooting at the son-in-law’s vehicle while he was chasing

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