Homelessness and Tuberculosis Essay

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Pulmonary tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by slow growing bacteria called Myobacterium tuberculosis, which is usually spread from person to person by droplet nuclei through the air. Typically, the bacteria form lesions in the alveoli, ultimately damaging the area. According to Sia and Wieland (2011), an estimated one-third of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis. Factors that predispose an individual to contracting tuberculosis are malnutrition, overcrowding of public areas, poverty, substance abuse, and abroad travel. Common signs and symptoms of tuberculosis are productive cough, low fever, night sweats and hemoptysis. Tuberculosis is testes by a purified protein derivative (PPD). Often it is diagnosis via …show more content…
This concept is especially important when considering Steve’s family. As Steven is estranged from his biological family and indentified a group of friends as his family. When considering his identified family in treatment plan will greatly increase Steven’s compliances.
The epidemiological and social care perspective of tuberculosis plays a major role in the management. Tuberculosis is likely to become more complex as the disease becomes increasingly concentrated in populations which experience poverty, poor access to health and social services These are all factors in which Steven is inflicted by. According to Craig, Booth, Hall, Story, Hayward, Goodburn, and Zumla (2008), a number of social risk factors are associated with management complications and poor treatment outcomes. Alcohol and substance misuse have been associated with extended treatment, prolonged hospital admissions and failure to attend appointments. Steven admitted that his family and he personally regularly smoke marijuana. Steven’s family is financial unable to legally provide for him, as he states that they panhandle and are involved in petty theft to support themselves. He also stated that his family travels quite a bit and live in a renovated bus. These factors could lead to Steven being noncompliant with the medication regimen after his release from juvenile hall.
To increase Steven’s compliance with the medication regimen the nurse

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