Homeless Children in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift Essay

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The speaker of A Modest Proposal is Jonathan Swift, this piece takes place in Dublin, Ireland, and A Modest Proposal shows how there are many poor unfortunate children out there who live on the streets and he wants to find a way to get them off the streets and away from poverty. Swift's purpose is to try and help the poor and unfortunate kids off the streets who are living on there own without their parents being able to support them. Swift's audience is the people who live in Ireland and also to the parents out there who have kids and have problems being able to support their children and also to the richer families who can come up with conclusions and help deal with foundations to help these poor unfortunate kids, but also while …show more content…
Swift is a writer who is single living on his own who was born in Ireland. Yes, I believe Swift shows good will because although he's being sarcastic he actually wants to help the poor children and he has a reason to be mad at the English. Swift's tone in this piece is very sarcastic and ironic. The way Swift approaches the topic is great because he shows a lot of irony in the piece, but he also gives facts and gets straight to the point of what he's talking about.
Swift's way of thinking is to be sort of funny, but at the same time he wants to be serious and get his point out there about the homelessness in Ireland and about the English's mortality. Swift shows how there's millions of people in the kingdom some being couples, some single, and some who cant support their own children. There's so many adults out there who have children that they aren't able to support and can't give them a place to live so they become homeless. "Prevent voluntary abortions, and that horrid practice of murdering... bastard children." Swift supports this idea by giving us hypothetical and numerical evidence, he calculates 120,00 children of poor parents annually born plague the society. "Been assured by a very knowing American... that a young healthy child well nursed at a year old is a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food." Swift tries to imply that he was an expert source that would

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