Hitler's Fatal Relationship With The Soviet Union Essay example

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Ever since World War I, Germany was not on a friendly terms with Russia. Germany hated the Soviet Union and despised communists. This very hate for communism was what allowed Hitler to promote his Enabling Act providing unlimited power and creating a totalitarian state. Germany had previously suffered from various terrorist attacks and the infamous alleged communist attack on the Reichstag building. While the true motivations and attackers remain debatable, this attack on the Reichstag building caused Germany (and Hitler) to take action against the communist.
Hitler's main war aim was to create "lebensraum" or in other words living space for the expansion of Germany. The need for "lebensraum" was described by him in his book "Mein Kampf"
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(Ukraine to the south of Russia was needed to feed German soldiers, Caucasus was a vital oil supplies and this was needed to have a functioning mechanized army.)

Operation Barbarossa was a wild success initially. The Red Army was ill-prepared for the German surprise attack. At the time, Germany had one of the most experienced army in the world and it was the only nation in the world that utilized Blitzkrieg tactic. The Red Army was quickly wiped out by the Wehrmacht. Soon, German had gained control of much of Western Russia. As time goes on though, Germany started to lose for the following reasons. Firstly, Hitler underestimated the potential of Red Army. The size of Red Army was twice the size of what was to be expected. Armies that were destroyed or defeated during the early phase of Operation Barbarossa were soon replaced by new armies. This implicated Hitler's plan. Because of these unexpected armies, Germans were forced to halt Operation Barbarossa for a few weeks so that they have enough supplies to fight against these newly created armies.
Secondly, Hitler did not anticipate the whole operation to last so long. He did not take in consideration of the brutal environmental condition in Russia. The cold,harsh Russian winter severely crippled the Germany army “ Wehrmacht”. Troops did not have winter gears, supplies weren't being delivered to the front-lines fast enough due to the weather, German weapons

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