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The motor car was first established in Europe 128 years ago. Since then a large automotive industry has established with a wide range of car manufacturers, suppliers and aftermarket service. An industry can be defined by Stigler as follows “an industry should embrace the maximum geographical area and the maximum variety of productive activities in which there is strong long-run substitution” (Lipczynski and Wilson et al., 2005). The roots of the automobile industry can be traced back to Henry

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This downward trend affects both automotive and manufacturing in general” (Holweg, 2009, p.34) However the automotive industry accounts for just over 3% of German GDP and 2.5% of total employment in the country. “Germany accounts for a substantial share of the total value-added generated by the automotive industry in the EU” (Ward and Loire, 2008, p. 3) 39% of total employed in the automotive industry is in Germany.

Electric cars
The oil crisis increased demand for more economical cars and this demand was met by Japan imports, threatening US and European manufacturers. Trade barriers were called for but this ‘invasion’ could not be halted. The advancements in the industry with regards fuel and green efficiency is moving at a fast pace. It is estimated that by 2020 “electric vehicles and other “green” cars will represent up to a third of global sales in developed markets” (Russ Heaps, 2013). The move from mechanics to electronics and low tech mobility trends give rise to great opportunities. The growing environmental awareness and concerns, growing fuel prices, regulations and depleting oil reserves will increase the demand for fuel efficient automobiles. Alternative fuels such as natural gas which Asia and Latin America have access to will drive the advancements in natural gas powered vehicles.

It is thought Chinese manufacturers will lead the next wave of import competition. This issue arises because of
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