Essay about History of American Football

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In the modern day United States the sport American football has become not only entertainment but also a tradition whether it’s watching the BCS college championship or watching the super bowl with the family. The sport of American football is unique to the United States and has grown and became iconic over the years and has become a part of many Americans lives. American Football was made in 1869 and was modeled after the sport of rugby. They took the basics of rugby and changed it to make it fit better for them. The game has changed over the years but it also affected many Americans as the tradition of Monday Night football has begun. The game has had problems with the United States government as it was said to be too dangerous to play, …show more content…
At one point the balls may have actually been made of the skin of a pig. At this time this material was what was available and cost effective. Later on when the game had developed more people began to see that the material actually allowed for a better grip of the ball. With this in mind people manufactured the balls in many different ways using synthetic material to make the ball have even more grip. Another thing that is often questioned of the sport of football is the shape of the ball. There are many theories on to why the ball has been shaped this way but the real reason was that within the first game of football they initially wanted the ball to be round and constructed towards that goal, however when it came to physically blowing the ball up they had some technical difficulties and it resulted in something that kind of looked like an oval and they decided to go with it. Later on when the game developed more people began to see that the shape of the ball actually allows for the ball to fly more fluently through the air. It also was easier to hold on to for the running back. As a result of all the benefits they decided to just keep it the way it was.
The first ever football game was played in a college and the two colleges were Rutgers and Yale. These two schools had been playing the sport of rugby for years and had enjoyed

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