History and Function of the Bar Mitzvah Essay

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Judaism is one of the oldest religious practices all over the world. It literally gave a start to two the most popular religions nowadays: Islam and Christianity. It seems that everybody must be familiar with the basics of this religion, though it is not true. The majority of people know only a few attributes or ceremonies that Judaism is using until modern times, such as Menorah (the candelabrum with seven branches), Star of David (traditionally known as the symbol of Judaism) and, let’s say, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. What people are missing (apart from the associations) is how truly symbolic all of them are in the practice of Judaism. Bar or Bat Mitzvah, for example, present practically the basis of Jewish culture and religion. The idea …show more content…
So, it absolutely obligatory that by the time for the ceremony comes, a child needs to be familiar with all these things. The ceremony itself does not include any sort of ritual, but the tradition to celebrate this important event stays extremely popular. This kind of ceremony usually happens in the early morning on the first Monday or Thursday after his or her birthday. The most important part of the event is first time reading from Torah. Right after the child says his prayer, it is time for their parents’ prayer for their son’s “moral graduation”. The next step is the child’s speech that he or she would prepare long time before the service, where it is possible to make some comments about the passage from Torah the kid has just read. The final part of the ceremony is singing the hymn. The ceremony ends with a line of everybody who came to ceremony waiting to give blessings and wishes to the Bar Mitzvah. However, the majority of braches in Judaism have added some new ideas to the ceremony itself. What they do, is that they have a party at the end of the day. On this party Bar or Bat Mitzvah is getting his or her presents, which normally hold religious meaning (different books for example). This is the way a common modern ceremony would look like. However, there are certain aspects of the ceremony which depends on the

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