Historical Analysis from El Mirasol Hotel To Alice Keck Park Essay

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Mr. Grein had remarked on the London Sunday Times that:” the English are not artists in the dram, nor in the other arts, but they are eminent artists in living and in the ordering of a home”. In the story of Pride and Prejudice, characters’ daily chat are always surrounding house decoration or beautiful houses too, several plots are drew from the conversation about house, for example, when Mrs. Darcy came to Elizabeth’s place to tell her to keep away from her son, she ask Elizabeth to lead her a tour to the house. It can be seen that house’s position in English mind. Like the fiction Pride and Prejudice, story began with a “house” on the site of Alice Keck Park. This “house” is called El Mirasol. It located at Santa Barbara in …show more content…
Albert Herter was born in a wealthy family Albert’s father Christian Augustus Herter was amongst the first to design and construct entire residences built around a particular aesthetic style, which had great influence on his son. Albert Herter went to Paris to study art in his father’s hope to become a professional painter. He focused on portrait painting. And then he came back to New York to develop his career, then he also become famous at mural painting. El Mirasol Hotel demonstrates many new changes of the demands of comfort as well as art. There are many stories of this place, which need to be stated from the beginning. In 1904, Mary Miles Herter, the widow of Christian Augustus Herter as well as mother of Albert Herter purchased the vacant block surrounded by Victoria,Garden, Anacapa and Arellaga street.. She wanted a New York architectural firm to design a bungalow. However, the U-shaped house the company designed was an eclectic mix of Spanish Revival, Italianate and Romanesque, not “ bungalow”. In 1909, Albert Herter and his artist wife, Adele McGinnis Herter arrived in Santa Barbara to help Mary decorate her house. Those decorations make great changes and magic to this house. Albert Herter is famous for his excellent job in mural painting and he do many original things in decoration of El Marsol. Mr. and Mrs. Herter has designed the decoration and color scheme and set the whole working order. The main idea of El Marsol is living

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