High Stakes Testing in the Public School System Essay

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High stakes testing has taken over every school curriculum from kindergarten through twelfth grade; teachers are often expected to “teach to the test.” Students are suffering due to a strict curriculum that is based solely on passing “the test.” Many wonder if high stakes testing is really worth the many sacrifices students and teachers must make. The high stakes testing curriculum deprives many students of valuable learning opportunities and much needed academic training. Today, schools are making it a priority for teachers to follow the strict guidelines of a “one size fits all testing curriculum.” Educators must prepare students for the tests that could make or break their future. This curriculum is focused only on teaching …show more content…
Although standardized tests are a way to measure a student’s knowledge, their entire future should not be riding on the score of that one test. “How can four years of learning and growing be assessed by a single standardized test?” (Martin, 309) Students spend four years in high school, they are drilled with the facts everyday during that time period that will help them with the tests, but four years of acquired knowledge and growth cannot possibly be measured by a single test. Though high stakes tests are a good way to insure that a student is remaining on the track to success, but at the same time, can easily steer them clear of it. More factors must play a role in deciding if a student is “intelligent” enough to continue on to the next level of education, many other factors should be taken into account, factors such as a student’s overall academic performance over the previous four years of education. Taking a paper and pencil test should not be the only deciding factor of a student’s academic well being; rather it should be used as a tool in measuring a student’s college readiness.
Money makes the world go round; humans are imperfect and often adopt the world’s materialistic attitude. Some schools are only interested in how much the student’s family can bring to the table. Some parents will do whatever it takes to insure that their children are receiving a high quality education. “Under the stress of threatened budget

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