Helping Students Meet the Challenges of Academic Writing Essay examples

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A Critical Review of "Helping Students Meet the Challenges of Academic Writing", by Fernsten, Linda A.; Reda, Mary

The authors make a plausible attempt to propose a psychological strategy that education professionals can use to encourage students, and overcome the challenges of academic writing. This paper will be focused on summarizing, critiquing, and interpreting the proposed concepts in my personal perspectives. This should allow the reader to evaluate the article’s credibility and reliability.

The article seems to be intended for an audience that involves higher-level educators, teacher candidates, and graduate students from varied disciplines. The article represents both the facts and the opinions. The content of the article
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All of the provided arguments from previous research and the provided pedagogical approach clearly support and defend the thesis. The article begins with a set of subjective examples that underlie the issue. The issue that is portrayed here is the struggle that students face about academic writing. The authors’ strong choice of phrases such as “born without the writing gene”, “writing phobic”, “can’t write”, clearly convey the message. In accordance to the writers’ opinion, students’ mentality is forced to believe that they are “bad writers”(171). This mind set is influenced by factors that are psychological and sociocultural. I believe and am convinced that this negative mindset affects students’ academic performance, and force them to lag and plagiarize on writing assignments. The scholars claim that this issue is not limited to the field of English composition but extends to other disciplines. The researchers of the article have very well portrayed the core issue of struggling students with academic writing.

The intellectuals of the paper claim that reflective writing practices are a feedback system process that encourages students. The authors’ claim on reflective practices is not a stand-alone but also supported by the work of Brookfield 1987 and Uzat 1998. Fernsten and Reda further elaborate on the negative discourse taken by the instructors that may put mentality of students at a vulnerable state. This discourse forces

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