Healthcare Teams Essay

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A healthcare team is made up of many different disciplines. For successful patient outcomes, the teams need to come together, communicate effectively, and be open to new ideas and viewpoints. It is important not only for the nurse to work side-by-side with other nurses, but to collaborate with patients and other professions in the health care system as well. All members of the healthcare team can benefit from the teams different backgrounds and experiences, which results in better care for the patient. In this paper, I will discuss the importance of communication skills, patient and nurse empowerment, and professional development.
Inter and Intradisciplinary Teams In nursing the intradisciplinary team is comprised of the nurse manager,
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The patient should have an active role in discussions and decisions concerning his or her care. Both the intra and interdisciplinary teams should encourage the patient to take an active stance in his or her own treatment.
Communication Skills Effective communication is needed between the inter and intradisciplinary teams, and especially with the patient. “Many factors affect the quality and clarity of communications between patients and clinicians. However, at the core of the matter, certain basic principles pertain and serve as the starting point for the expectations of patients and clinicians: mutual respect, harmonized goals, a supportive environment, appropriate decision partners, the right information, full disclosure, and continuous learning” (Han et al., 2011; p. 2). Good communication between and within the health care teams, as well as with the patient, prevents miscommunications that could be life threating. Poor intradisciplinary communication could happen at shift change between two nurses. If a nurse fails to give a detailed and accurate report, important information such as, abnormal test results, allergies, and code status may not be relayed to the oncoming nurse. This could cause delays in treatment and possible injury. It is

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