Healthcare Group Proposal Letter Essay

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Despite the fact that our time with the CBCI has been short, I have come to appreciate the diligence and hard work that goes into these policies and reports. Amongst the various groups that will have a part in the 2014 annual report, it seems to me that the Healthcare group has been diligently working on coming together with a powerful and impressive report for this year. As of today, the Healthcare section focuses on four main areas of health; Mental Illness, Malnutrition, Hepatitis C, and End Stage Disease. For each of these areas, it is clear that the Healthcare group has done thorough research and suggest very vital recommendations to some of the problems they have identified.
For the Mental illness section, the Healthcare group
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In this section, the very initial statement here is in favor of the Affordable Care Act. The writing states that the Affordable Care Act has "....increased upstream healthcare interventions that positively influence the social determinants of health and yield improved outcomes..." The focus then shift when it states, after praising the Affordable Care Act, Malnutrition is still too common. Specifically this assessment is focused on the minority community because the numbers are so staggering when it comes to Malnutrition. This section tells us that "...according to the Louisiana State University AgCenter, over 30% of African-American and Hispanic children, and 40% of low-income children don’t have access to nutritionally adequate diets...(Healthcare 2014)" They go on to point out that these numbers do not get any better with age. It states in the report that "...Malnutrition is problematic for a multitude of reasons. It can reduce mobility and independence, slow wound healing, and increase the risk of falls, infections, and hospital readmissions...(Healthcare 2014)" Much like the first point the Healthcare

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