Heald College Dress Code Essay

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Heald College Dress Code
Heald dress code policy is professional attire as the students all know. The dress code can be very hard at times to obey by for some students. Students can also say it is unreasonable for such structure in an a college atmosphere.With this being said , Heald College should make a compromise with the students by changing some of the rules to better suit students life styles and needs. A change for the dress code would greatly improve some of its student’s lives. If there is no change made to the student dress code, than the school must enforce every rule of the dress conduct to every student and staff member.
Heald college dress policy is professional attire for all students who attend. The dress code applies to
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It also can help you be prepared for an interview and maybe even get the job. When it comes to the medical students, they are allowed to wear scrubs, with a choice of blue or white. This enables medical students to be comfortable and to move freely with the types of tasks that they handle. Heald also has a few casual days called Heald Spirit. Heald Spirit Day allows students to wear sneakers and jeans for a more dressed down day.
Piercing and different types of hair colors are very popular in today’s trend. By the school not allowing students to wear them, it helps them to look responsible, educated, respect and approachable. Students can gain respect from fellow peers and co-workers. Without any of the drastic facial piercings and hairstyles they tend to have a good demeanor for people who do not know them personally. For example, it helps them look more approachable to what is known as the baby boomers, especially for medical students. A student can also benefit themselves with employers by not having facial piercing. The employer will choose the person who is more presentable for its customers or patients.
With Heald having a policy they are able to ensure the safety of students. The policy helps students be protected from violent threats and any physical assaults. From a recent research survey student states, “I can come to school knowing that I will not be attack for my choice of clothing, because all the students are dressed the same”.

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