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In movies, novels, and life, people are named as heroes. The heroes we establish and the heroes we recognize, however, may not meet the criteria for a mythic hero. A mythic hero ventures forth on his journey, and comes forth from the hero’s path to greatness. Joseph Campbell, a mythologist who studied many of the great human myths and religious tales, realized, in studying these myths and tales, that there were certain steps that every hero went through. Campbell called this “The Hero’s Journey”; it is based on Carl Jung's idea that all human beings have an archetype. After Campbell studied a lot of the great myths and realized this pattern, he published his findings in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Ever since then, authors …show more content…
At the time of the call, the hero has reached a turning point in his life and is looking into the future, expectant for change, “The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand” (Campbell 51). Campbell's theory begins with the letter from Hogwarts. The letter is the first sign of the call to the adventure. The main Call to Adventure “establishes the stakes of the game, and makes clear the hero’s goal” (Vogler 11). The hero has grown tired of their humdrum existence and sees the call as a way to propel their life. Harry gets his call to adventure when letters from Hogwarts are being delivered at his home on Privet Drive. He is dumbfounded when he realizes somebody is trying to contact him. Harry was always treated “as though he wasn’t there - or rather, as though he was something very nasty that couldn’t understand them” (Rowling 20). When he was constantly contacted by the letters, always knowing where he was, Harry realizes the letters are not accidental and are meant to convey something important to him. The herald, the person who helps the hero regardless of force, would be Hagrid. He comes to get Harry Potter when he turns eleven years old when the letters have not reached Harry personally.
The next step in Campbell’s hero’s journey

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