Harriet Tubman's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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The United States stopped importing slaves from Africa in 1808. After that, the majority of African American slaves were born into slavery (Sawyer 15). Many never considered the idea of freedom. Harriet Tubman was an ordinary slave girl with a vision for freedom. Harriet said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” (“Harriet Tubman”, BrainyQuote.com) The people that Harriet freed were people that actually wanted to be free and knew what freedom was. Harriet Tubman’s desire for freedom led to dangerous, creative means of escape from slavery (“Harriet Tubman”, The Biography Channel website). African American slave, Harriet Tubman, helped shape the course of history through her …show more content…
She heard of brandings, chains, starvation, and severe beatings before the slaves would be sent South with the chain gang (Petry 6-7). There were three ways for a slave to be free. The first was, you could try to escape. Another way was the slave master could set you free if you were a hard working slave. That was called manumission (Petry 7). If your mother and father were free, then you would be free (Petry 81). When Harriet was born, her mother and father did not want her to work in the field because they were afraid she would be sold to the South (Petry 10). Other slaves encouraged her mother to seek training for Harriet as a cook, seamstress, or a weaver (Petry 6). As Harriet got older, she wanted to work outside. Harriet was hired out at the age of 6 in the summer of 1826, to the Cook family (Petry 30). The Cooks lived about 10 miles from Harriet’s parents and she got very homesick. Mrs. Cook was a weaver and Harriet helped throughout the house and with the weaving, but Harriet hated it! Harriet also checked the muskrat traps for Mr. Cook. Harriet loved the outdoors but she became physically ill with the measles, a cough, and a fever (Petry, 33). When Harriet got sick, the Cooks sent her back home so that her parents could nurse her back to health (Petry 30-35). Because she had bronchitis and the measles, it took 6 weeks for her to become well. The Cooks sent her home for Old Rit to nurse her back to health (Petry 35). Once Harriet was well, she was

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