Hacktivists as gadflies Essay

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In the New York Times article “Hacktivists as Gadflies” by Peter Ludlow, professor of philosophy at Northwestern University, tries to convince his readers that Hacktivists are not criminals, but they are in fact they are citizens who serve a purpose in our society. Hacktivists are people who hack certain websites to try to spread their social or political message. When Socrates was prosecuted for corrupting society he claimed that he was a gadfly, an animal that can sting a horse into action, and he served a purpose in society because he kept it running with his special type of criticism. Ultimately the people of Athens didn’t agree, and Socrates was sentenced to death. Ludlow believes that Socrates was in fact like a gadfly and he tries …show more content…
For example, Mathew Keys tried playing a prank on a rival newspaper company by changing one of their headlines, but instead of making people laugh he is being indicted and his charges could consist in more than $750,000 in fines and maybe even prison time. Ludlow makes a strong argument when he begins to talk about several hacktivists who were put in jail for sentences that really didn’t seem to fit the crime they committed. In the authors eyes Socrates was killed even though he really didn’t do anything that merited death, while the hacktivists are being put in jail for crimes that doesn’t really seem to add up. Because both Socrates and the hacktivists were convicted for doing no wrong it seems that they are truly similar. Acting as gadflies they were supposed to help the government by keeping it in place being gadflies seems to work because both Socrates and the hacktivists seem to annoy the government as opposed to harming it. Ludlow shows that both hacktivists and Socrates are doing something similar in society yet the government in both cases seems to be shutting them down. Socrates proclaimed that he spent his days searching for wisdom and truth while teaching the youth of Athens in the marketplace. Based on this definition the Hacktivists are very similar to Socrates because they don’t accept everything that they hear, they go and they dig for the truth using

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