Gun Violence in America: Terrorists, Criminals, and the Mentally Deranged

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A gun is a very powerful piece of machinery that can impact a person’s life in just milliseconds. In the wrong hands, a gun could negatively impact many. If a person is not mature enough to handle a gun, they are likely to make poor decisions with the weapon and underestimate their abilities or the abilities of the gun. On the other hand, a person may know exactly how powerful a gun is. Some may use this tool for good while others use it for bad. They may intentionally create havoc with the weapon in an attempt to advance him or her self in one-way or another. When used in an unlawful way to intentionally harm others, it is considered gun violence. Gun violence is on the rise amongst children and adolescents and many seem to be …show more content…
5 lines 18-20).” The idea that someone else holds your life in their hands when they are holding a gun can cause an individual to begin to struggle with the idea of power and exactly how much they should have. It is common that teens feel powerless due to their inferiority to adults and their feeling of overcoming childhood. In short, the desire for power is one of the main driving forces of gun violence in teens.
Another reason children and adolescents may be at a higher risk of gun violence is the image created by television shows, movies, and video games (Palfrey). This is usually more frequent in a school aged child or young adolescent than someone in high school. “Because of their developmental age, school-age children don’t necessarily understand that people who are really shot may really die. (Palfrey, 401)” While there are obviously some adolescents who do understand this fact, as stated above, they may like the power associated with it. This may have to do with the idea of wanting to be like their favorite television star or movie star. They may not actually want all of the power associated with such a weapon, or what consequences really come along with this.
Gun violence is also fairly prevalent in cases of where alcohol and drugs may be involved, as it will impair their judgment (Palfrey, 401). When one’s judgment is impaired, they tend to make decisions they may regret later. If an adolescent is in a state of depression or under

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