Essay on Gun Control: A Well Regulated Militia

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Imagine a government that doesn’t allow you to buy weapons even if you are an outstanding citizen. That’s the way a lot of Chicago land citizens may feel sometimes, due to the Chicago laws that prohibit citizens from owning handguns within the city limits. Even though the founding fathers gave us the certain unalienable rights to do so, the states and the national government finds loop holes what they have created so they can go around the bill of rights. We will be going over the amendments that I believe are the most important within the bill of rights. The first one that I believe is the most important is the second amendment. Due to the reason that the founding fathers made it an amendment.
Next we will talk about the Fifth Amendment.
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The grand jury interprets this meaning only weapons that the military would use or a weapon that would be liable for self-defense. Even though most people believe that the government is trying to find every loophole they can find to repress our right to bear arms. They have ruled in favor of pro gun sides in the past. such as
“in 2008… a district of Columbia law that barred private possession of handguns and requires the disassembly or use of a trigger lock on riles and shotguns…the supreme court struck down the district of Columbia statue.”, this was a part of the district of Columbia verses Heller. Even though the Supreme Court has ruled with the pro-gun side of the situation they have also ruled with gun control, such as not allowing felons and mentally unstable persons from owning weapons.
Ever heard any one say “I plea the fifth”. The reason this is said is because the certain rights it gives us. “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime…”. This means that no person has to self- incriminate themselves by answering any questions regarding a crime that they are being charged for or even suspected

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