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Week 5 - Research Project INF 103 Computer Literacy September 2, 2013 GREEN TECHNOLOGY Even though Green Technology is expensive, we should use the technology. Green technology is a technology that is environmentally friendly, and will encourage innovation and changes to one’s daily life. There are three types of green technology. There is green energy, green transportation, and green building. Pollution must be diminished to moderate global warming. The encouraged use of green technology

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More than ten thousand Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) Wisconsin customers purchase green power. (Green Power Tomorrow, 2013)
We are able to generate wind energy by using wind turbines.   Converting wind energy into electricity is clean, renewable and sustainable; and the wind supply will never run out. The average price for the installation of wind power for a home in would be eleven thousand dollars in Dane County, Wisconsin. Having fewer moving parts, wind turbines do not require considerable maintenance and operate essentially automatically while lowering your electric bill by fifty to ninety percent. (Chua, 2006) Wind power is growing in Wisconsin. Dozens of large scale wind turbines, as high as 20-story buildings and producing enough power for 15,000 Wisconsin homes, are being built in the eastern part of the state. Capturing the energy of the wind for clean energy is fantastic news for the Wisconsin environment and also benefits Wisconsin’s economy.

Dane County, Wisconsin Solar and Wind Energy Source Costs and Output

Another power source, is geothermal energy from the Earth, it is clean and ecological. Geothermal energy ranges from shallow ground, to the extreme temperatures of molten rock called magma. In the United States, geothermal reservoirs of hot water can be found in western states of Alaska, and Hawaii. There wells drill into underground reservoirs for the generation of electricity. Some geothermal power plants use the
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