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-5 (1), 2012 European Journal of Economic and Political Studies Green Marketing and Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior Aysel Boztepe1 Abstract This study aims to give information about the effect of green marketing on customers purchasing behaviors. First of all, environment and environmental problems, one of the reason why the green marketing emerged, are mentioned, and then the concepts of green marketing and green consumer are explained. Then together with the hypothesis

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Taking into consideration that companies are socio-economic entities, it can’t be expected that they remain unresponsive to the “Environmental Awareness” that may direct consumer behaviors. Particularly marketing managers encounter with consumers sensible to environmental issues. The old perception on how businesses are establishments with no other objective but to profit leaves its place rapidly to a new perception which defines companies as establishments that are sensible to social problems. Apart from producing environment-friendly products and selecting environment-friendly markets, essentially understanding of ‘Environmentally Friendly” is required to be integrated into the corporate culture. Consumers encounter with terms such as ozone-friendly, environment-friendly and recyclable products in green marketing. However, green marketing isn’t limited to these terms but is a much wider concept of marketing activity which can be applied to consumer goods, industrial goods and even to services (Erbaslar, 2010). Green marketing term was first discussed in a seminar on “ecological marketing” organized by American Marketing Association (AMA) in 1975 and took its place in the literature. In this seminar where the impact of marketing on natural environment was analyzed with the contribution of academicians, bureaucrats and other participants, ecological marketing concept was defined as follows: Studies
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