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As we know, computers may bring harm to environment in many ways, such as toxic material from computer parts, undegradable substances left from old computers, heat from CPUs and many more. If the old equipment did not disposed properly, many negative impacts will be a burden to the environment. From time to time, we need to reduce the toxic waste and pollution made by the IT to reduce as well as make the world zero waste or E-waste to prevent from green house effect that might someday be the cause of human extinction.

Why we must green the IT?

1. Lead and Mercury from monitors and printers is dangerous if not disposed properly.

2. Scrap items, heavy metals and other toxins seep into the environment and cause health problems for the indigenous population.

3. Rechargeable batteries, from digital cameras to the larger batteries found in laptop and notebook computers, contains cadmuim, lead, sulfuric acid and others may pollute the soil and waters.

4. Carbon footprint in computers may have gas emmision that might increase green house effect.

5. Increase of E-waste and improper disposal may damage the IT.


Some practical tips for computer users that may help to accomplish the Green IT objectives are:

1. Switch the monitor off when, not being used.

2. Use new energy saving LCDs instead of traditional CRT monitors.

3. Use new energy saving and efficient cooling systems,
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