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The group will be a small group of 5 people who are dedicated to working solely on

this project for 6 months full-time. The additional 4 members (including myself) work for We

Are Big, Inc. As a project manager, I will do a lot of the research, writing, and editing that is

required to get the results the project needs. The team members will work diligently to gather

information and perform the task assigned to them.

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Name Role Position Contact Information

Ben Green Sponsor We Are Big Inc., CIO

Nikita Small Project Manager We Are Big Inc., Manager

Susie Jones Team Member We Are Big, Inc.

Jason Hill Team Member We Are Big, Inc.

James Smith Team Member We Are Big, Inc.

Linda Spell Team Member We Are Big, Inc.

Carol Clark Advisor Client Representative

David Hines Advisor Client Representative

The summary of planned approach for managing this project will be to research how

green computing has been done by other companies and what worked. A weighted decision

matrix will be created for evaluation purposes. Lastly, a change plan will be created and put in

place to prepare for
CRAM Exclusive

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