Greeks and Mythology Essays

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Greeks and Mythology

In Ancient times the people of the world were very curios and wondered how things came about in the world they lived in. In order to answer their growing questions, authors wrote myths. These myths explained how a certain thing came about in the world. Some stories explained why it thundered others how the earth revolved the sun, while others told stories of heroes. These heroes were a gateway to the common man and his problems, so everyone wanted to read about them. But as the common man differed from country to country, so did mythology and tales. Two of the countries with a large difference in their ways are Greece and Egypt. While Greek and Egyptian mythology shared the use of gods, creators and
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Mythology did not just happen in these countries, there had to be authors/writers who created the myths. These creators were responsible for everything that came about into mythology. They started the ideas and thought of each story or myth, picked which god was to be in the myth and picked what was going to be explained in each myth. In Greece the creators put themselves into the stories, making themselves part of the story, while in Egypt the creators stayed away from the stories and just wrote them without become involved. Some of the creators in Egypt believed it to be a sin to involve themselves in the stories (Patrick 14). The creators were the basis for mythology and everything that branched from it. From the creators came the stories, the building blocks of mythology for both of these countries. Each country told its stories differently but was still based upon the same central ideas. The Greeks based their stories upon two of the main Gods for Mt. Olympus, each in a different human form for each story. The Egyptians had two gods and the peasants that they ruled in each of their different kingdoms (Patrick 14). Not only did the Egyptians incorporate the peasants into the stories, they added a moral to the myths, almost making a fable out of the stories as well as a myth (Edwards 3). The Greeks had stories about the gods, the festivals of the gods, the birth of the gods and the death of the gods,

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