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Studying Greek Mythology and the Bible separately in school, the students’ interest was the utmost importance for the professors. As students grow and mature, there is a greater understanding of how subjects interconnect and how they reflect each other. Greek Mythology may have had some influence on the Bible, and research shows connections between them. It is up to the readers of each to decide whether or not they intertwine, whether or not research proves them correct. Christians and

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Noah, his family, the animals and the ark survived because God chose them to re-populate the earth.
In Greek mythology, Zeus becomes angry with humans for turning away from the laws of the gods he is in accordance with. Since Zeus is in a furious state, he destroys everything with a flood. Promethus [“the Titan god of forethought and crafty counsel, who was entrusted with the task of molding mankind out of clay”] ( instructs his family to construct a building so people could re-populate. In both stories, a large flood destroyed the world; a higher power chose Noah (Bible) and Promethus (Greek Mythology) to survive and create a new.
In the Bible (Genesis 4) Cain and Abel, who were brothers, were warned by God that they would be compelled to sin against each other because of wanting what the other had. Coveting another’s possessions is a sin in the Bible, and God makes this clear on a number of occasions. God accepted the gift Abel presented, but rejected Cain’s. Cain became envious, therefore coveting the relationship between him and God. Abel’s death was the result of Cain’s wrath towards his brother, because he was overtaken by his emotions.
Twin brothers, Acrisius and Proteus [“Proteus was a marine deity who fed the flocks of Poseidon (Neptune) in the Aegean Sea. He is represented as prophet only when
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